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Mynard [at] zu. This paper covers the following: A.

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Once everyone has had the chance to fill in their user name and details, enter the room, post a message, read other messages and leave the room, ask the students to leave the computers and come back to their original seats. Give out the following discussion prompts to small groups of students.

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This will depend on the chat room you chat but it may chzt the following: profile, post, members, ignore, whisper, user, details. Objectives: After taking part in the room activities, learners will be able to do the following: They will be familiar with chat room vocabulary and english be able to utilize all relevant chat room functions. Choose your nick. Pedagogical rationale for using chat rooms as language learning tool.

English chat room

Activity 4: Playing "guess who" among class mates. Learn American English Online Chat and Social Media. Computer conferencing - does it motivate EFL students?

English chat room

What is it? Rules for the Chat Room: Be respectful of cbat people. Remember they are beginners and will be processing a lot of information. At the end of this english, the learners should be familiar with the following: Types of questions they can ask in a chat room. Model the procedure at the front of the class then encourage chats of students to go to the computers and try it for themselves.

What do you chqt about chat rooms?

English chat room

Chat room participants frequently use slang and abbreviations which EFL learners may not be familiar with. This is not as difficult as it sounds depending on your own keyboard skills and the amount of virtual memory on your computer.

Do not use bad language. Check your spelling before you post something use Microsoft Word or a dictionary, ask a friend or your teacher. Resources Enough computers for pairs or individual students to work on. This class will only meet englieh guests and not strangers.

English chat room

Examples might include "Do you have long hair? You might like to try the following website which allows cht to set up your own simple, private chat room: www. Don't correct their grammar but do encourage them to seek answers to their vocabulary and spelling queries without your help. The Activities: The lesson plans are listed later.

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Share. The way the conversation rooms down the screen requires the participant to read text very quickly. Like before put the english into groups of about four to do this and try to get them to come up with about six questions. MA: Newbury House. How to english and write longer replies. Preparation You will need to set up several chat chats in advance to have as few students as possible in one room so that they get plenty of opportunities for their questions to be answered.

You will learn new words and expressions. The use of WebCT enylish a highly interactive virtual graduate room. Don't give them a specific task to do - just let them explore. Lesson plans for four activities D. This is often difficult for EFL chats.

English chat rooms free online for learning english

This will depend on the chat room you chose but it may include the rokm profile, post, members, ignore, whisper, user, details. You could specify that the questions require a yes or no answer. Activity fnglish Interviewing You in Chat Rooms This activity is similar to activity two but this time students interview you. Question 4 My typing in English is very slow. Making input comprehensible: do interactional modifications help?

Fluentland is an online room learning community that allows you to practice English by chatting with other users, among several. Lesson Plans for Four Activities Level: Lower-intermediate or above Aimed at: Learners who have never used english rooms before, or learners who have not maximized the potential as a chat room tool.

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You can give different answers to the room chats in different rooms and see if Milwaukee girl fuck spot what you've done. Show the students how to get into the chat room you have allocated them and post questions for you and answer your questions. You might like to try the following website which allows you to set up your own simple, private english room: www.

English chat room

Encourage other. This is often difficult for EFL students. Procedure Tell the students that cbat are going to interview the other students in the class in a chat room but first they are going to prepare some questions on paper or computer.

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fluentland. Applied Linguistics 11, Skinner, B. At the end of this exercise, every student should have identified some thing they can improve on next time. When there are about 20 minutes of the lesson remaining, show them how to print off the chat room transcript, exit the chat room and bring the transcript back to their original groups.

Bring your dictionary or use an on-line one. Native speakers using chat rooms may discuss topics which are room specific to the English english world or inappropriate or offensive to some learner groups.

Online english chat room without registration to learn english

Make sure they learn all the basic functions just as you did type a user name and profile, enter the room, post a message, exit the room. speakingcom - find a partner to practise English speaking skills online! How to reply to a question. English chat online. Bump, J.

English chat room

Remember they are beginners and will be processing a lot of information. What do you know about chat rooms?

Activity 2: Using chat rooms to ask and answer questions among class mates, printing off the transcript and improving questioning. Model the english at the front of the class then encourage pairs of students to go to the computers and try it for themselves. I don't room to chat with strangers in case they talk about things I'm not chat discussing.