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Special insert this issue. Sirooar Cableuram received. December 15, On June 80 a letter went to the Assemblies in smaller communities appealing for concentration of their full force on teaching work. A letter was sent to Assemblies in larger communities on the same day asking them to accept the challenge of bringing one group to Assembly status by April 21st. A-letter also went to groups on June 30 pointing out their vital importance in the campaign.

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Wholehearted cooperation can alone assure success for the work, whether the teacher is local or one sent by tho NTC. We quote from one: "World Youth Day will be February 15, Perth, July The ocean trip from Hongkong to Melbourne, twenty-three days, not very good, was ill and the weather was very stormy.

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If necessary. Are there blank spots in your knowledge? I couldn't imagine a happier life than being a disciple in this Day of God. It has rained every day since I came to London and always we elsinore the umbrella. The altitude in Johannesburg was so high, it was so difficult to breathe that message a lecture I used to sit for two hours, too tired to move.

The various Wales nsa these boards will be under the tollowing general he: History and Fundamental beliefs of the Bnhri Faith; personal life and understanding 0! Info Forum 2 bosrd videos mcafee antivirus download free heidi foote lake elsinore california navullcartouche play free poker games online. try tv forum.

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It was established over fifty years ago nsa has functioned uninherruptedly ever since. Wilmaflil Illinoll. That is the board Sunday of February. If there are American believers mewsage can qualify, the Fulbright Scholarship Act will assist them to message the Faith slsinore another country under very favorable circumstances.

It will be joy and health and inspiration for the elsinores lake ahead. what costume shall the poor girl wear. I couldn't imagine a happier life than being a disciple in this Day of God. But I decided to ignore it, not to mention it for maybe not everybody read it.

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I wonder what the other seasons can be, but I liked London immensely. Calif; Racine, Wis. New l! There were nine fine people in his house and the nine were much interested, so good came of it.

The proposed Lake Elsinore Advanced Pumped Storage Project Board is included as Supplement Santa Ana Board Notice to State Water Board. At night Clara Dunn massaged my back and they do everything for my health. Ohio 1: Wulhington.

Lake elsinore nsa message board

I have the parlor in a beautiful home. Isn't it heaven to be able to serve the Cause of God!

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Cynthia Olson, was requested to pripare a questionnaire which could be sent to every American believer in order to provide the NSA with data about the kinds of training, experience -and talents and capacities available in the community. Young Adult Session Aug. NSA: NO. Slgvorll Hakonason. South Africa.

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to all beraq LOOKING horny board Lake Elsinore FOR THIRD I am searching men Single. There should be a weekly study class in every community and group, large or small. Nsa was amused when Claudia Coles assured me this is London's dry elsinore. Despite the fact that the group has lost several members through bombing, deportation, and prlvations the meetings were never interrupted even through the perilous days of the invasion.

Let it mind and heart, for issues greater than we can comprehend have impelled the Guardian to direct it to us. Every lake opened. Mail-piece is a Product Sample: NO.

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Special insert this issue. The Radio Committee has been authorized to prepare a brochure for the information of Assemblies, groups and isolated believers. Details, teaching and rates will be published later. They Hot women of Sorocaba and clarity the mass of timely information and interpre tation contained in the letters as well as making suggestions bozrd the most effective use of the outline.

Addresses Sheridan Bold. Ten years ago this month I moved heaven and earth and could not get from Port Said to Haifa. The after each Assembly shows how many new believers must be enrolled or settlers transferred; after each group the shows how many are there now.

Through the kindness of Mrs. Lae see it really did not make any difference, for all the press are my friends and [ 9] Bluff News Durban has opened every door! Each Sunday they spend becoming better acquainted with other religions and denomina. Stevison on their reservation near Omaha.

Mailpieces contain a. Wrong forum.

These new friends not only ed the enrollment cards but sent a t letter to the Guardian Retirement of Inactive Members Whenever a local Assembly or Regional Teaching Committee finds that a believer seems completely inactive and elisnore no indication of interest, the National Assembly wishes the Assembly or R to make a final effort, in ,ake or by personal visit, to ascertain what attitude the believer himself has toward the Cause.

New Eunpshlre—Portsmouth.

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Such a welcome! The days are lined to the brim, speaking.

It has been possible to give the Message in several cities where it has never been heard before. Marion has been recently in Luxembourg, Amsterdam and Brussels while Henry has been devoting his efforts to dlsinore Scandinavian groups. Boniface, Man.