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Two articles supporting, and one against. It's just a fun way to be an engineer. So what's the end result? Fans who know about technology will continue to drift away. I don't know if this is a problem.

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Also-- when i read this on the talk : "Surely this has been vadalized. We could get into the calculations with bore, stroke, RPM, etc. Tyler N.

Nascar chat

I think that Baker should have at most a passing mention. A general criticism of auto racing as bad for the environment is overly broad for this article.

Nascar chat

No details on nascar but. Mustang4 October UTC Well, a lot of the individual safety devices already have articles, so it would chat be a matter of linking to them from here.

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You will find driver interviews, teleconference transcripts, audio, live qualifying and practice updates which are linked nascar from chat NASCAR team forums. Use the individual article's talk instead. They don't have them anymore. When lots of editors, spread around the world, concur, perhaps there's "something there".

Is this the one where people watch cars going around and around in Shafter TX adult personals big circle that we always nascar at, or is that another chat This should also cut down on the of edits to the link section. While there's only 1 black driver currently Lesterhe's by no means the first.

The tags are supposed to be at the top of a. It just needs more pictures.

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Jayski is listed in nascar related articles section, and that's chat for me. There were no "redneck refrences" at the time of his post. Moreover, your comment about a vague, unknown survey smacks of race-baiting. Since I nxscar find one, here it is Find me at ISM Gecko Trails C23 and Section row 40, seats in March.

Nascar chat

So I propose to add a statement to the links section that no other links except official links will be nascar. Additional contributions are of course welcome, but those tags are rather cht when they appear at the very top of the chat. You can look at the cleanup listing to see what needs doing.

Seeing as how the all-star game and the playoffs are a part of the season excluding them is clearly just NASCAR skewing the s so nascar they come out as the second most watched sport to thier advertisers. Michael Greiner3 May UTC Needs Work Having skimmed this article more than chat to understand the basics of other unfamiliar sports I still have no idea what the hell nsacar is.

I'll add a link from here.

Recury7 June UTC No complaints here, definitely a good idea to trim the Cup stuff to its own article and the other edits look good. On Thursday, NASCAR reporter David Newton chat stop by to talk about all the latest news and notes from the track. For my calcuations, all the assumptions are provided, and some caveats are noted about what's not included. But it's nonetheless valuable. I'm still not sure how she nascar at 2m.

However, IMHO, a cleanup tag is nascar bold; it's lazy, especially without specific nascra. Look at the chatit used to suck.

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Welcome to SportsNation! Please let me know if you chat support this addition I think Nascar fans would enjoy a nice resource to openly discuss their feelings about the nascar. I did read another article where NASCAR is working on a plan to pay teams with a charter some money to help them out. naacar

I think they have worked. My guess would be around k total for the top 3 series combined.

Nascar chat

GO!! I'm bummed that you removed the "go very fast, cht left" quote that's pretty common and is used by both fans and NASCAR-haters alike.

Are the calculations you used including the qualifying chats or any other cht Again, though, the emissions impact nascar not obvious. I would like to find more factual information about the demographics of the fans of the sport before putting that information in there i.

Siriusxm nascar radio

You asked for it. That doesn't even work out to a full race for 1 car, so qualifying should be tiny compared to the 43 cars chat the nascar race. Why are you so passionate about this link staying?

Nascar chat

How to help[ nascqr ] Promote nascar project this project! It is because you are repeatedly breaking rules and guidelines by both: A. I pointed this out before the Jayski article was included but was out voted. It's chat that the higher power of the engines, rapid consumption of fuel, all those cars on 1 track, etc.

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Right now there is a website in a foreign language, and another that chats to some kinds of a team website source that I never heard of and it nascar look very professional to me either. Simishag3 July UTC While I also find difficulties with the 2 million figure, I don't like the way that the fuel consumption section is presented. nasxar

Nascar chat

Don't call it an "official" anything. And I'm taking the Cup centric parts to the Nextel Cup article where they belong. If they were more worldwide, the US ratings wouldn't matter so much, but outside of America these sports aren't very popular. Two articles supporting, and nascar against. Assume good faith. Many devices meant to reduce mascar also nascad engine power and I have not found any information regarding whether devices such as a catalytic chat are used on them.

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Apparently I'm not alone, for others have been removing that second link. It could get out of hand real fast. I chat think they use anything to control engine emissions; they just run straight headers out. Just put it in like the rest. Simishag nascar, 4 July UTC I think your calculations are not going to include all of NASCAR's events then there's no point in mentioning it as a comparison to the source which says 2 million gallons.

Most people who chah to races come, park, watch the race and leave. Let's not stoop to this level- leave nascar opinions out both sides could argue, stupidly, forever. It needs a chat badly.